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Smidig e-signering till Fortnox. Med Clings Fortnox-koppling så kan du enkelt skapa fakturor utifrån dina offerter & avtal.

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Så här funkar Cling...

Cling är ett komplett verktyg för e-signering som täcker alla dina signeringsbehov. Skapa, designa, samarbeta och signera alla dina avtal med Cling.

Draft & Design
  • Word
  • Pages
  • InDesign
  • E-mail
  • Google Docs
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Docusign
  • HelloSign
  • signNow
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Local drives

...och så här funkar Cling med Fortnox

Med kopplingen så kan du enkelt skapa en faktura ifrån dina offerter och avtal. Information om din kund samt produkter och tjänster överförs med ett knapptryck till Fortnox i form av en faktura.

Cling och Fortnox

Gå från offert till faktura med ett knapptryck. Slipp dubbelinmatning och risken för manuella fel. Med Clings Fortnoxkoppling så synkar du dina varor & tjänster ifrån ditt avtal direkt till din faktura.

Allt det här ingår också...

Content Library

Use the content library to share and re-use your content across your team. Save your most common proposal templates, paragraphs, blocks etc.

Automatic Reminders

Send automatic follow ups to your prospects. Don't let any more deals slip through the cracks.

Document Tracking

Get instant insights into when your prospects receives, reads or responds to your documents.

Advanced Analytics

Makes smarter decisions with our analytics dashboard. Optimize for what works best between different teams, proposals and clients. Get insights into which proposals or package offerings drives the most revenue or upsell.

Simple eSign with Cling

Get 76% Faster Responses

Sending a text message along with an email decreases the average response time from 3 days to less than a day.

SMS & Email delivery
Only email delivery
Simple eSign with Cling

Secure eSignatures

Send documents with legally binding eSignatures. Our eSignature software is secure without being complicated to use. Treat your clients with the best experience available with our smooth eSignatures.

Spend less time switching back-and-forth between different apps. Cut your costs & increase your teams productivity with an end-to-end agreement solution.

Save 15 mins per proposal
"Cling is a fantastic proposal tool with beautiful and professional proposals."
Benny Törnqvist
"We use Cling simply because it is great. It does everything we want in a simple way!"
Ena Begovic
"We're sending beautiful and legible agreements to our clients. We love it and our clients love it."
Tobias Gardebrink

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Simple app for eSign - Cling